REVIEW: House of Horrors: The Movie

John Anthony   October 19, 2009

It’s a local production based on the House Of Horrors haunted house in Cheektowaga. “Local production” might scare you away (normally, that would make me run the other direction) . Don't let it though. This was actually a well done slasher movie.

First, because I work for Star, I have to say that this movie is definitely not for anyone under 17 (as the movie itself states). The problem is language, some minor sexual situations, and of course graphic violence. Also, if you're extremely religious, you definitely won't like it.

I thought it was a good story and it moved along well, although the pacing is a little different than most movies. I never really knew what to expect next, which I like. But at times I didn't realize two things were happening simultaneously. That would only take me out of the movie for a second though, then something crazy would happen and I was back into the story. So much so that I actually jumped a little (it was late at night and I had all the lights out, so that’s why, okay).

Before I get to the good, the one big bad. The language. Just like with District 9, the constant swearing got old and annoying real fast. Blood, body parts, vomit, and all sorts of awfulness doesn't bother me (which is good, because this movie featured plenty of that). But the constant swearing always annoys me. It's not needed. Proof of that - how often do you hear swearing on the radio? Never. The FCC would revoke our license in a heartbeat.

Now the good stuff. The camerawork, scenery, and production were amazing. I wasn't expecting that. And it was really weird seeing so many Buffalo locations in a movie. I kept thinking, hey I know that place. The church scenes were filmed at the haunted Iron Island Museum - very cool. And of course a large chunk of the movie was filmed at the House Of Horrors in Cheektowaga.

Even weirder though was seeing people I know. Robert Saviola, who hangs out at the station occasionally, was in the movie. He did a great job as the Catholic Cardinal. And I know I've seen “Pops” Garrison around town, maybe at Tops or a restaurant or something.

For the most part, the acting was good. I've got my favorites of course. Sandra Grover as the cast manager was great. “Blu” Brenton Jamal Harold felt completely out of place in the movie - which is exactly as he should since he’s the new owner of the haunted house, so he was cast perfectly. Kaitlyn Salamone and Stephen Burke were both believable as Lisa and Steve.

And then there's the ghouls and monsters which you might recognize from the House Of Horrors. But one you probably won't recognize is Dan Monroe, the guy who wrote, directed, and produced the movie. His monster persona at the House Of Horrors is a little different than his part in the movie as the TV anchorman. Visit the cast page to see everyone that's in the movie - maybe you know someone in it.

Overall, a good horror movie for October and one that was fun to watch because of all the Buffalo connections. Go support Dan and buy the House Of Horrors DVD.

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