January 03, 2010 by Freddys Fingers

A day or two ago I had the pleasure of watching a film that I won off of a contest called House of Horrors: The Movie, and I have to be honest when I say that I wasn’t expecting much of anything from this film. I don’t want to give anything away so I am going to state the plot in it’s simplest of form; the story follows a group of workers who are setting up their haunted house attraction for Halloween, little do they know that a serial killer who possesses supernatural abilities has come to their attraction to spread some fear and bodies into the attraction. Now, it’s up to an abolished priest to help rescue the workers. Honestly, I actually enjoyed this movie… and I really liked how the film progresses. There are a few things to work on here and there but otherwise it was a great film. 

I want to draw attention to one major point in this film, a point that is too obvious for it’s own good but it works with the premise enough to be forgiven. Christianity. This whole plot is focused on the belief of God and whether or not he exists or not, and what your belief is in. I really enjoyed that, and it’s very rare to find a horror movie that can really tackled that theme. Here, the priest, who killed a possessed human was abolished from the Church but still believes in God. Then you have one of the main characters who is so bitter towards God and Christianity because his mother and father were killed, while all of his friends have some kind of faith. It’s actually a great tool in this film. 

What House of Horrors also accomplishes is a very eerie and very threatening atmosphere. The whole movie has these dark and musty tone to it and it really brings out the scares. The ghostly apparitions are very reminiscent of The Shining and the rest of the movie is like something out of the 1970s, which makes it almost a tribute film. I don’t know if that was the intention though. 

The pacing was really nice and it build up to a great ending although, I really wish that they focused more on the priest and how he is trying to redeem himself. Also, I wish there were a lot more instances of scares. 

You can’t expect much when it comes to acting, especially if it’s a b-movie such as this, but I thought they performances were very believable. However, one minor problem that I had was the ADR, because the voices sounded very unnatural and it really didn’t match the setting. I don’t normally like to complain about it that much, but it just seemed a bit off. 

This movie was actually a very good original horror movie and I can’t help but think that if they were given a bigger budget, this would have been a great film to see in theaters. It had everything a good horror movie should have and I had a great time seeing it from start to finish. Word of advice, I would not call this a ghost story at all, even though there are ghosts… it’s more of a demonic possession then anything else. But, I strongly recommend it.

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