Dan Monroe: Writer / Director / Producer
Link: Company Website / DWM Productions Inc.
Link: Facebook

Tim Bunch: Owner / "House of Horrors"
Link: Facebook

Special thanks to Tim for supporting this exciting project. Tim's outstanding dedication to his craft continually makes the House of Horrors the most popular and thrilling haunted attraction in Western New York.

CAST: Russell Jaffe / Actor
Cast as: "Father Jacob Holy" - A brilliant yet mentally unstable priest
Link: Facebook

A graduate of both the Theatre Departments at NCCC and SUNY Binghamton. Russell was a member of Theatre Williamsville for eleven years; major roles included-Richard Miller in AH! WILDERNESS, Oscar in THE ODD COUPLE, Sherlock Holmes in HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, Trotter in THE MOUSETRAP,and Bernie Dodd in THE COUNTRY GIRL. Other local engagements included roles with Towne Players, Darien Lake and radio voiceover work for WGR-55 am.

CAST: Sandra Grover
Cast as: "Staci Jordan" - Cast Manager

A graduate of The Buffalo Academy for the Performing Art's, Sandra has taught and performed in literally hundreds of dance venues throughout the U.S. including Ghost Town in the Sky (North Carolina) and Six Flags Fiesta (Texas). She has choreographed and acted in local venues for the past 10 years.

CAST: Jennifer DiNorcia
Cast as: "Tina"
Link: myspace.com

Jennifer has been interested in theater and performance since she was a small child.  From ballet to burlesque, acting to A/V, she is usually drawn to the creative side of life.  She has performed in Annie, Gypsy, Damn Yankees in Coudersport, PA's community theater and more, and designed light sets, costumes, and stage sets for many more productions.  She was ecstatic to have received a role in the '08 house cast of House of Horrors, and is hoping for many more to come.

CAST: Michael Sweeney
Cast as: "Johnny" - Staci's problematic younger brother
Link: myspace.com

Despite being relatively new to the world of theatre, Michael has displayed a charismatic, natural feel for performing in the recent past. He has flaunted these skills as a performer at a local Amusement Park for the past 2 summers, and has been lucky enough to work along side some very excellent people in the process. He is currently working on a few small side projects and is ecstatic to be a part of this production. 

CAST:Antoinette Canna
Cast as: "Linda" - Johnny's girlfriend

Antoinette (Anna) has been acting since the age of nine and is now currently a theater major at Buffalo State College. She has a passion for making movies and has appeared in several student and independant films around town, the most recent being "Wrong Hands." Anna is super excited to be a part of this project!

CAST: Codie Kremblas
Cast as: "Tommy"
Link: myspace.com

Codie is currently a theatre major at NCCC. He played Tumnus in The Lion,the Witch,the Wardrobe and played Flaco in Den of Thieves at NCCC. Codie was also recently nominated for the Irene Ryan acting scholarship through KCACTF for his performance in Den of Thieves. Some of his other credits include Dauntless in Once Upon a Mattress and Lun Tha in King and I at Sacred heart Academy. Codie was a 4 year member of Company of Song at Kenmore East and was also Coach Bill Johnson in Good News and Jonathan Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace.

CAST:Kaitlyn Salamone
Cast as: "Lisa"
Link: myspace.com

Kaitlyn has been a part of the House of Horrors cast for the past two years and enjoyed every minute of it. Although she hasn't had much experience in theatre, she has always wanted to take part in a movie, especially a horror movie. She plans to attend college for jewelry design, fine arts and theatre.

CAST: "Pops" Garrison
Cast as: Previous House of Horrors owner with a score to settle

We are thrilled to have everybody's favorite HOH family member on board for this exciting project. Known to the employee's simply as "Pops", Mr. Garrison has been involved with the House of Horrors for years, as well as being a local business owner. WELCOME ABOARD POPS!

CAST: Robert Saviola
Cast as: The Catholic Cardinal

Hypnotist / Radio & TV Talk Show Host / Speaker
Robert has been in the media for over 7 years while currently operating one of the most successful hypnosis offices in the country. 

Michael O'Hear
Cast as: "Father Michaels" - Former mentor of Father Jacob Holy
Link: myspace.com

Michael has been active in local theatre productions and local movie productions for many years.  He was an associate producer for "Something Dark" and co-wrote one of the stories "Perfect Candidate". He is currently involved in casting for "Slime City Massacre" and will be acting in "Gore", and "Born to Die".  He is very excited to be involved in "House of Horrors" movie.

CAST: "Blu" Brenton Jamal Harold
Cast as: "Mr. Samuel Franklin" - current House Owner
Link: myspace.com

Bio Coming Soon...

CAST: Stephen Burke
Cast as: "Steve"
Link: myspace.com

Stephen Burke was born on July 30th 1990 in Amherst. Since he was in the womb he has had a hardcore fascination with horror movies. As an actor at the actual House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs, Stephen is very thrilled to be apart of this project. This is Stephens first movie and first acting job outside a haunted house in over three years.

CAST: Zak Kopelman
Cast as: "Young Apostle Killer"
Link: myspace.com

Zak Kopelman died many years ago and has been scaring people ever since. After working with many low budget houses over the years he was finally subdued and brought into the House of Horrors in 2006. He has been a zombie, a crazy, a scarecrow a vampire and even a few supervillians. In 2008 he helped relocate and build up the House Of Horrors in its new location. Zak promptly turned in to a fun loving hillbilly toting his famous "Beaver". In the off season he lays in his grave plotting for another year of hell on earth.

Matthew Bolen
Cast as: "THe Apostle Killer"

This is Matthew's  first movie production but he was always interested in movies and acting since childhood. He started with stage crew in high school and then wanted to start acting instead of working behind the scenes. He appeared  in Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and had a lead role in the play Harvey. Matt has always loved any type of horror movie and was always interested in being in one and to work at a haunted house. Now that he lives out in the area he plans on making it happen.

Andrea Minkewicz
Cast as: "Martha Carpenter" - The Killer's sister

Although this is Andreas' first movie production, she is no stranger of the stage. Taking part in several  productions such as, "Oklahoma", "The Music Man", "Fiddler on the Roof", as well as the opportunity to play Miss. Hannigan in "Annie". She has also worked behind the scenes as stage manager for various shows including the position of assistant costume mistress in Sweet Home High Schools 2007 production of "Once on this Island".  Hoping this experience is the first of many for her, she's looking forward to working on this project. However,don't take this good girl to seriously because things are gonna get scary!

Angelina Leigh
Cast as: Lead Dancer

Link: myspace.com

Angelina Leigh is a professional model who has worked with many big name companies, one of which is Playboy. In 2006, Angelina's passion for modeling changed when she started landing roles in commercial work, and eventually in 2007 she began acting in Independent films. Of all genres, Angelina enjoys playing roles in horror movies the most. She hopes to continue with her acting career, while still modeling professionally.

Fattie King
Cast as: Strip Club Owner

Link: myspace.com

Fattie King:  Lived in Buffalo all my life .. Was in a few local rock bands ..
Humongous / Burnt Coyote / Fattie Project ... DJ for a few yrs on WNBY 91.3 - Metal Daze ...  Spent some time in Vegas and LA {late 80's}... Always been around the Music & Arts ... Love doing PR & Stage Management ... Toured with a few KISS tribute bands and can't wait to break into acting ... Respecting All  ... Love the Live Stage ...

CAST:Lorraine Woiccak
Cast as: Paranormal Investigator 1
Link: myspace

For years Lorraine has been a lover of all things paranormal. In 2007, she combined that passion with her ability to organize and plan to start the paranormal investigation group, Is It Real Investigators, with her friend Conny Menegaux, with the help of their husbands. As members of the TAPS family, Is It Real Investigators has conducted numerous investigations in Buffalo and the Western NY area.

CAST:Conny Menegaux
Cast as: Paranormal Investigator 2
Link: myspace

Conny Menegaux has always been a lover of anything creepy or scary.  At eleven years of age she won an Ozzy Osbourne look a like contest and got a chance to meet the King of Darkness himself!  In 2001 Conny and her family investigated one of the infamous Dracula's Castles in Transylvania, Romania on the TV show "Scariest Places on Earth".  Conny is also one of the founders of the paranormal group Is It Real Investigators, located in Buffalo, New York.  Is It Real Investigators is an official TAPS family member, and has done many paranormal investigations.

CAST: Assistant Director:
Alexx Argen
Cast as: Paranormal Investigator 3
Link: myspace

Alexx is a “jack of all trades”; he’s an actor, magician, filmmaker, and even a haunted house designer.  Recently he has been terrifying people at The House of Horrors.  He has performed magic to countless people around Western New York and has also designed and built haunted houses for the Town of Orchard Park for the last two years. 

CAST: Rian Lehman
Cast as: Paranormal Investigator 4
Link: myspace

Rian Lehman has been performing on stage since his pre-teen years in elementary school. Later studying at Studio Arena Theater School for 3 years to obtain more skills in the world of theater. He continues to take the stage today, performing grand illusions and close-up masterpieces. He has been practicing magic now for over a decade and is spreading his illusions across Western New York. Rian hopes to release his first DVD this year. He has also designed and built haunted houses for the Town of Orchard Park the last 2 years along with Alexx Argen.

Kelly Biber
Cast as: "Margaret" - Demonic Spiritualist
Link myspace.com

Kat Thirteen (aka Kat Biber) was always an artist while growing up. One day she ran into a radioactive mutant glam boy named Tek Seven. She died in 2005 and woke to a new life of mayhem and madness.The happy couple now haunts the House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs each halloween season making little kids cry.  In the off season Kat creates art like a madwoman and plots new ideas to scare the living slime out of people.  This is Kat's first acting job outside house of horrors but she is excited and feels that she can "knock-em-dead" so to speak.

Claire Comtois
Cast as: "Abby" - Demonic Spiritualist

Claire Comtois has appeared in several stage shows at Amherst Central High School including most recently The Boyfriend, starring as Polly. She will be attending Buff State in the fall for theatre and is thrilled to be part of "House of Horrors: The Movie," her first film. Claire worked at the House of Horrors for the past two seasons and looks forward to many more.

Stephanie Paluch
Cast as: "Kate" - Demonic Spiritualist
Link myspace

Steffi is attending D'youville College and is a current Nursing major. Steffi graduated from Depew High school in 2007. While in high school she was involved in all of her high school musical productions. She recently finished her first year working at the House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs, and loved every minute of it. She was known for her "marionette doll"  character. She looks forward to many more years making small children cry in seasons to come.

Jason Menegaux
Cast as: "House Security Chief"
Link myspace

Jason Menegaux has always been a lover of the horror movie genre and all things scary. In 2001 Jason and his family investigated one of the infamous Dracula's Castles in Transylvania, Romania on the TV show "Scariest Places on Earth". Jason is also one of the founders of the paranormal group Is It Real Investigators, located in Buffalo, New York. Is It Real Investigators is an official TAPS family member, and has done many paranormal investigations.

Alyssa Barrett
Cast as: "House Office Manager "
Link myspace

Alyssa has always had an interest in Theater. She has performed in multiple school music productions since the age of six. Although she does not have much experience in acting, she is thrilled to be apart of the "House of Horror" movie and can not wait to get started. Alyssa has always loved horror movies and shows. Even though she has only worked at House of Horrors / Haunted Catacombs for one season she loved every minute of it! She looks forward for many more to come.

Sean Driscoll
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 1"

Sean is currently a theatre major at SUNY Fredonia.  In addition to acting on stage he has appeared in numerous youtube videos and was in a commercial for the Buffalo Sabres.  Recent stage credits include Rocky Horror and The Fantasticks .

Zach Bull
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 4 "

Zach has performed in multiple school stage productions since six years old. He is extatic to be a part of the "House of Horror" movie. He has an obsession with horror, gore, and comics. Although he has only worked and House of Horror/Haunted Catacombs for less than a season, he looks forward for many more to come.

Colin Gregory
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 5"
Link myspace

I've been working for the house of horrors for about 8 years, and loved every moment of it. I do my own makeup and costumes, now attending theatre and drama classes at etc. I move swiftly in and out of the shadows and no one can tell when i'll be next. It is my honor to scare for anyone.

Mike Riso
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 7"
Link myspace

Dusty has loved horror movies his entire life and was thrilled with the chance to join the house of horrors team and has work there the past year and excited for many more to come. He has just been feature in a poetry book for his artist work in collage art and he also is a photography major and plans on attending ECC in the fall.

Bill Baldwin
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 8 "
Link myspace

Bill is excited to be working with DWM Productions and The House of Horrors again outside the amusement parks and the Haunt.  He has been performing for what seems like an eternity on stage as well as several other venues.  Bill has worked with several of the top Haunted attractions in the US, including Castle Blood in Pennsylvania and our very own HOH.  He can also be found lurking around back stage doing lighting design, set design and costume design. 

Sal Monaco
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 9"
Link myspace

Sal is a director, producer, actor, who has appeared in 9 movies, including Beyond the Mainstream, Sweet Jesus and Mana from Heaven. He has done many plays (The Deadly Deal, Persephanie),  local tv shows (Offbeat Cinema, The Vortex of Enlightenment) and been on the radio for 15 years.

Tom Pecoraro
Cast as: "Misc. House Employee 10"
Link myspace

Tom is a director, actor, producer, web designer. Has appeared in the movies Sweet Jesus and Beyond the Mainstream as well as the play Hamlet. He is a cameraman and graphics designer and has worked on many local radio and PA tv shows.

Dan the Anchorman
Dan Monroe
Jillian Taylor
Shannon Kramp
Rotten Jack's Clerk
Kyle Overholt
Alter Boy
Jesse Kopleman
TV Show Host
Michelle Hall
Dr, Jonathan Fisher
Matthew Spencer
House Security Gaurd
Dan Lelito
Dancer 2
Taylor Welch
Dancer 3
Nicole Abramo
Misc. House Employee 3
Jeffery Beacham
Misc. House Employee 6
Daniel Berns

Kelly Waite-Stabler
Links: facebook
From big picture strategy to managing details, Kelly has a diverse background in the marketing industry. More than 12 years in the local advertising field, has given her knowledge in all aspects of marketing, including: website and social networking, print production and management, media buying and public relations. Kelly is looking forward to using all of these talents to help make House of Horrors a huge success!

Rod Durick / Zombified Studios
Links: myspace.com/zombifiedstudios  

Zombified Studios is a brand new production house based in Western New York. Here, you can find all manner of grotesque oddities and general nastiness... and we fully intend to get it all on film. If you want it dead, decayed or bloodied then you have definitely come to the right place. Take a look around. If what you see makes you just a little sick, then we have done our jobs.

Matthew Patterson
Links: mattymask.com

Matt has loved monsters and heroes since childhood. He started sculpting and maskmaking in February 2006 after recovering from shoulder surgery. On his website you'll find his custom work and orginal masks, as well as "Johnny Gruesome" which has been mentioned in major magazines and websites.

Stacy Werner
Links: MySpace / facebook
Stacy has been sewing since she was 2 and has since then, explored many different areas of the sewing arena. She started making costumes and costume directing in the third grade along side her mother who is a professional seamstress. From street clothes to costumes and decore to crafts, she has made it all and learned from one of the best! She is glad she has the opportunity to share her creative gift on film.

Sara Betz
Bio coming soon...

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